2015 Programme

De-coding gender in the media

An interactive, hands-on workshop in which Bristol sixth-form students explored key issues surrounding media representations of gender.

Everyday Maths video resource launch

This session showcased an innovative way to help parents to engage more with their children’s mathematical learning. 

What difference do directly elected mayors make?

This event saw a panel of academics and policy-makers debate mayoral governance in English cities, and discuss the broader issues related to city leadership. 

Documenting life stories through craft

This workshop considered the role of crafts in documenting life stories. 

Towards a child-friendly city

A creative and collaborative afternoon which brought together a diverse audience from neighbourhoods across the city. The event culminated in a collective vision of how Bristol can become a more child-friendly city. 

Climate change negotiations: what would you do?

This event introduced Bristol secondary school students to the world of international politics via the medium of semi-structured role-play during climate change negotiations. 

Schools challenge: encouraging environmentally friendly behaviours

This successful event introduced sixth formers to the world of economic research and current thinking to design policies to change behaviour. 

The Great British Grub Quiz

This ‘pub quiz’ with a difference introduced the audience to social science research about food. 

‌Counter terrorism and Muslims in Britain

Professor Steven Greer, University of Bristol, and other high profile speakers debated this highly topical issue.