2023 Programme

How do sport and motherhood intersect? A panel discussion

Thursday 19th October, 1.30 – 4.30 pm

Engineshed, Bristol

Motherhood creates a unique context for sport and physical activity, and the physical, mental and emotional challenges to participation for mothers are well known. Women working in sport as athletes and leaders face further complex challenges in balancing motherhood with elite careers.

This informal, open panel discussion will bring together diverse perspectives on motherhood and sport to activate a lively discussion and debate. This event is led by Fiona Spotswood.


Untapped Stories

Saturday 21st October 2023, 11.30 am – 3.30 pm; Wednesday 1st November 2023, 5 – 7 pm 

School of Education 

We invite you a public exhibition that explores the pandemic experiences of a nursery school in Bristol, and invites audiences to explore their own pandemic stories. Led by Frances Giampapa.

  1. https://Untappedstories.eventbrite.co.uk
  2. https://Untappedstories2.eventbrite.co.uk

The Science of Happiness

Various dates and locations

Led by Dr Sarah Jelbert and Prof Bruce Hood, The Science of Happiness is a popular unit at the University of Bristol. The Science of Happiness course teaches students scientifically-validated techniques for living a happier, healthier and more meaningful life. This event shares this learning with local schools and sixth form colleges.

The way we think when we ink

November 2023

Stokes Croft

This is a free event for all tattoo artists and piercers in Bristol. We think that it’s really important to get some conversations going about Hepatitis and HIV in the industry so that artists and clients all feel comfortable and well informed. Come chat with other artists, experts on blood borne viruses, and people with lived experience to find ways that we can all make tattooing and piercing more inclusive and safe. This event is led by Catherine Dodds.

Utopian Creative Ecosystems 

November 2023

Bristol Scrapstore

Utopian Creative Ecosystems is a collaboration between Rising Arts Agency, a youth-led creative community, artist/celebrant Bec Gee, Lecturer in Responsible Innovation, Viv Kuh and Professor of Digital Futures, Rebecca Coleman. Since 2018, Rising Arts have led OnBoard – a programme supporting creative organisations to centre the voices and experiences of young people in their governance structures and eradicate barriers preventing them from taking up leadership roles. Helping to support and nurture them in this important work, this workshop will engage the Rising Arts community in processes of critical making, reflective walks and collective imagining to map out creative ecosystems, institutions and forms of creative organisation in the best of all possible future worlds.

Access Scope – Scoping Heritage Sites

November 2023

SS Great Britain

Getting around an unfamiliar space like the SS Great Britain can be difficult, but for those with neurodivergence or dementia it can be impossible. Our research explores making the SS Great Britain more accessible by providing visitors in pairs with digital devices to help them explore the ship in a way that is sensitive to their sensory needs. This event is Led by Elaine Czech.

Re-imagining collective day care for older people

November 2023

BS3 Bedminster

Collective day care services for older people (65+) are often seen as outdated and undesirable. Research funded by the National Institute for Health Research, School for Social Care Research, carried out by researchers at the University of Bristol in collaboration with BS3 Community Development and Bristol City Council, challenges this view.

Join the research team for an interactive workshop to reimagine the possibilities for collective day care in Bristol. This event will be facilitated by Ellie Shipman, an artist, illustrator and facilitator based in Bristol. This event is led by Professor Ailsa Cameron.

Dust to data: Fictional Explorations of the Digital Afterlife

Wednesday 8th November, 6.30 pm

Watershed Cinema 2 Bristol

We all have a digital footprint. Be it on social media, via music downloads, gaming avatars, voicemails, photos or email. But what happens to all of these digital touch-points when someone dies? Jump on board for an evening of technological exploration, and envision a future where digital immortality becomes a reality. Could AI be the way to soothe grief and prolong life after death, or could technology be racing too fast for regulation to steer a safe and steady course?

As part of an interactive world premiere, audiences are invited to watch Dust to Data – four short film monologues that each explore relatable near future stories of the opportunities and threats posed by different aspects of digital afterlives.


Seeing the forest for the trees

Saturday 11th November and Sunday 12th November, 11.00 am – 4.00 pm

Vestibules, Park Street, Bristol

Reforestation has been heavily promoted in recent years as a response to the climate crisis. Many reforestation schemes only see trees as a means to remove carbon from the atmosphere, disregarding the role of forests as repositories of water, biodiversity and diverse knowledge traditions. Building on research with indigenous Mapuche Pehuenche communities in Chile, this photography exhibition invites visitors to reconsider the purpose and value of reforestation, and the knowledges in which it should be rooted.  This event is led by Dr Karen Tucker.

This is a drop in event, no booking required. Seeing the forest for the trees | Events | Festival of Social Science

Can Social Impact Investment Reduce Inequality and Promote Prosperity in Bristol? Case Study of the Bristol City Funds

Tuesday 14th November 2023

Central Bristol

This event is focused on new and innovative approaches to address inequality and promote prosperity through social impact investment on a local level. The UK is among the most unequal societies in the developed world. While much of the discussion on what can be done about inequality is focused on large-scale national policy, less is known about the potential of tackling inequality on a local city level. This event will discuss inequality in Bristol and the potential of local solutions to tackle social problems like inequality. We will focus on Bristol City Funds as a Case Study of an organisation that is working towards reducing inequality and promoting prosperity in Bristol through social impact investment. This event is led by Marii Paskov and David Sweeting.

What Sociodigital Futures are in the making?

Thursday 16th November 2023, 6.00 – 7.30 pm

Room 4.10, Graduate School of Education, 35 Berkeley Square, BS8 1JA

Digital tech is now a central part of modern society. From social media to online shopping, advancements in technology are shaping the way we live our lives. At the same time, society is shaping the evolution of digital technology, with decisions around development often being based on commercial need or market demand.

Thinking about how the decisions and developments taking place now might impact upon our future is critical in ensuring technology is truly beneficial for society.

Themes and speakers will include:

  • Community tech ownership and control (Martin Parker, University of Bristol and Anna Dent, Promising Trouble)
  • Environmental aspects of digital technologies (Chris Preist, University of Bristol and Phil Tovey, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Defra)
  • Swarm robotics and movement of goods (Sabine Hauert and Sanja Milivojevic, University of Bristol)